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No to 13 years of HS2 Chaos for Camden

No to 13 years of HS2 Chaos for Camden

What you can do !

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Can you help at all? Please let us know if you are able to get involved and help in any way. 

 Camden faces a ‘decade of destruction’ if HS2 goes ahead as currently proposed.

SOS Camden will be gathering information local and national for you and organising protests, events and lobbying

Write to Sir David Higgins HS2 Chief Executive who is due to reveal his review of the HS2

route, the HS1 HS2 ‘Link’  and Euston Station. click here for a model letter

Say NO to the Link: scrap the plans for the HS1/HS2 Link through Camden Town – or if not, put it in a tunnel

Say: YES to DDD: the Double Deck Down (DDD) proposal for Euston costs less, uses a smaller site, and can be built quicker than HS2’s plans

Click Here for full resolution of recent HS2 Meeting

We will shortly be posting more details about how you can help fight the HS2 plans for Camden.


  • Let us know of any MPs or peers you know, or know have connections in Camden
  • Let us know anyone else who can get us coverage – reporters, photographers, media names
  • Contact your friends and neighbours, and residents/community groups, to make sure everyone knows about HS2 – and joins our mailing list

 AND – can you help us ? We welcome offers particularly

  • PR
  • design/printing
  • leafleting
  • funds

8 thoughts on “SOS Camden Home

  1. Fran Heron

    Really like the new SOS Camden banner using the spoof Underground logo.

    Please encourage people to respond to the HS2 Environmental Statement. There is the hard way and there is the easy way. Me, I like things easy so recommend the model response that needs just a few seconds to complete on lilne.

    Try it out and tell your friends.

    Camden is a force to be reckoned with. May the Force be With Us in our fight to save Camden from the dupersonic bulldoxer approaching at break-neck speed.


  2. zoe jones

    This is a welcome site! Clear presentation of info with a sense of humour.
    Thanks for the great map too, the first one that makes sense.

  3. Martin

    It is hard to see the commercial need for a HS2-HS1 link. There is hardly a market for trains from north of London to run through to the Continent. Changing trains from one at Euston to one at St Pancras makes individual train journeys shorter and more attractive, even with a Euston-to-St Pancras walk, or perhaps using a new short-distance link.

    The link is best scrapped, although it would be useful to be able to shunt trains between HS2 and HS1 very, very occasionally, and that might be possible with some sidings and interlaced track along the Camden Lock viaduct. used during the night.

    If London Midland trains were diverted by a tunnel from Wembley to Old Oak Common, they could become part of Crossrail across central London. London Overground trains could also be diverted away from Euston through a rebuilt station at Primrose Hill. That would mean that the classic train side of Euston could have fewer platforms, and it might be able to reduce the land grab on the western side.

    The more passengers that can be off-loaded at Old Oak Common the better, because that also means that Euston can be smaller. The Mayor needs to squeeze the maximum amount of money from the Treasury, to allow him to connect up London Overground there to Richmond, Clapham Junction, Hounslow, Stratford and Hendon Thameslink. Sir Terry Farrell has a video on the Hammersmith and Fulham council web site about light-rail at Old Oak Common as well.

  4. Jane McGrath

    Planning to get 200 responses from parents at my child’s school on Haverstock Hill with the support of head teacher. All the local schools need to know how they will be affected. Any parents out there who can spread he word and get the response to Environmental Statement signed? Time is running out.

  5. Richard Janko

    There is NO case, either environmental or business, for building HS2. Accordingly, proposals like tunnelling the HS1-HS2 link or the double-decker Euston station are distractions from the actual problem (though it is telling that the authorities didn’t even think of them). We need to focus on stopping HS2 outright, which will solve everyone’s problem; it is an outrageous proposal to waste this amount of money when there are so many higher priorities, and the way it is being rammed through by most of our MPs, as if we are peasants in China with no rights at all, has been outrageous too.

  6. Jackie Prooth

    To shed of 20 minutes off the journey to encourage business, is a lot of nonsense and a waste of resourses that could be put to better purposes. Upgrade the existing lines,. It would be less detromental to Camden and places beyond and a lot cheaper. Also note these ‘extremely busy personal’, would anyway be communicating from their laptops, tablets, iP’s or whatever. The powers to be are just wasting monies and playing with peoples homes and livihoods without a second thought. Disgusting.

  7. Michael Wand

    HS2 Plan B’s trains would not go to Euston at all:


    Its trains would interchange with HS1 at St Pancras, with the London Crossrail at Farringdon and with the Southern network at Blackfriars and London Bridge. They would follow the M1 and M6 corridors to reach Birmingham and would not then cross Cheshire at all. They would reach Manchester Victoria and Leeds via Plan B’s east-west Northern Cities Crossrail after following the M1 further north. And they would stop at the obvious driver of growth for the wider East Midlands, its Airport.

    HS2 will not do any of that. It just wasn’t thought out that way.

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